Video: David Beckham and little Harper on the Kiss Cam (SO CUTE!)

Watch this adorable video of David Beckham kissing his daughter Harper on the Kiss Cam at the LA Kings playoff game. She loves watching herself on the big screen!

This video really needs no introduction — really because there are no words for this cuteness.

But, I’ll set it up for you as best I can. In the video you are about to see, at a little over the one-minute mark, hunky David Beckham, 38, and his ridiculously adorable daughter, Harper Beckham, 22 months, get caught on the “Kiss Cam,” on the jumbotron at the LA King’s playoff game (yesterday).

Victoria Beckham and the boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, were also at the game, sitting a little farther over — with Tom Cruise and his son, Connor, interestingly.

Without further ado, then, I give you major, serious, ridiculous CUTENESS! Scroll to the one-minute-mark, and enjoy!

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! She loves watching herself on the big screen. And doesn’t she look just like her dad?

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xo Haley-O

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