Victoria Beckham & Harper Seven! Plus news from around the web

Here's the latest photo of Victoria Beckham and Harper Seven ― because we know you LOVE it! Plus news from around the web

By Haley Overland
Victoria Beckham & Harper Seven! Plus news from around the web

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It's been a while since we've had a "sugar rush," and I'm still recovering from the flu. I'm back at work, but I'm feeling awful shaky and like I should probably go back to BED! But I missed you, Gorgeouses....

And so I give you Victoria Beckham and Harper Seven. This is the latest photo of the adorable babe and her famously chic mom.

They're photo'd here leaving the Savoy hotel in London, earlier today. It was just the two of them this time. They apparently dined together at the hotel restaurant. Awww! Dad, David Beckham, and their three boys, stayed back in Los Angeles.

I've noticed Harper seems to wear a lot of black (maybe to match her mom? TWINZIES!); she's always in black tights, and no shoes, it seems. The skinny black hair band is sweet and elegant on the cherubic little 6-month-old!

? ? ?

SUGAR RUSH! Here's what's happening around the web (that I'm a wee too under the weather to get to today...). Checkit!

? Jessica Alba's post-baby workout | People ~ checkit!

? Heather Locklear is in hospital after 911 call | Montreal Gazette ~ checkit.

? Heather Locklear is "going to be just fine," parents say | CBS News ~ checkit.

? Brad Pitt found Angelina Jolie "crying in the shower" | UsMagazine ~ checkit!

? Jay-Z's "Glory" and other songs inspired by babies | The Daily Beast ~ checkit!

? Katherine Heigl: Adoption is so rewarding | Just Jared ~ checkit!

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Jan 13, 2012

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