Vanessa Lachey wants her baby to be a boy

And it looks like she's getting some flack about it on Twitter. Did you care about the sex of your baby?

By Haley Overland
Vanessa Lachey wants her baby to be a boy

Did you care if your baby was a boy or a girl? I didn't. I knew my first was going to be a girl, and I knew my second was going to be a boy. There was never any surprise or yearning. I just knew.

I know that's actually really unusual and a bit psychic.... My mother's just never wrong about babies' sexes. Ever. She's not psychic about anything else, by the way, though.

Anyway, pregnant Vanessa Lachey (formerly Minnillo), 31, wants this baby to be a boy. She's taking a gender-prediction test and everything.

"Am I crazy for wanting to try this? I'm such a sucker for this kind of stuff!!!" she tweeted, adding this link to a photo of the kit....

This is just one of a bunch of tweets on the subject, which started when a fan asked if she wanted a boy or a girl. Checkit:

"I'm excited either way! But I always wanted a boy 1st. Just a healthy baby. RT : Do u want a boy or a girl? (:"

"Ok, I'm gonna try the gender test in the morning, that's when it works best. Good Night! Thanks for the feedback! X"

I guess she was getting some flack for the tweets, so she later clarified....

" & I are praying for a healthy baby First & Foremost! I just always envisioned a boy 1st to take care of his siblings." Ohh, boo. Let's just say I don't love it when people say that about having a boy first. Why can't an older sister take care of her siblings just as well?

Plus, what if her baby girl saw this later on.... What would she think? So, some more clarification....

"A baby girl would be just as much of a blessing. And she'd have @NickSLachey wrapped around her finger!"

Oy veh.... I think we can add this to our things-you-should-never-tweet-about list. You think?

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Mar 22, 2012

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