Upgrade your $25 Ikea high chair with these pretty add-ons

It's no secret that Ikea is a great place to buy affordable baby products. But here's one way to customize one of their most popular items.

Recognize this high chair? It’s no secret that Ikea is a great place to buy baby products. And at $25 (currently on sale in Canada for $19.99), the Ikea Antilop high chair is tough to beat. It’s wipeable, the legs come off and you can even stack them. But similar to the chair, the Ikea-made accessories for the Antilop are pretty basic.

Enter Yeah Baby Goods.

ikea antilop high chair on blue patterned background

Ikea Antilop high chair

Frustrated by the hard to remove tray, overly roomy seat—and the fact that none of the Ikea accessories fit in with the decor of her home, mompreneur Katie Kruithof decided to give her chair an upgrade. She designed dishwasher safe, food-grade silicone placemats to fit perfectly into the existing tray, which can be removed for easy clean-up. Next came designer fabric covers for the Antilop seat insert (available from Ikea for $5). In 2016, she opened an Etsy shop and started selling the goods to other Ikea-loving parents.

In 2019, she added adjustable foot rests in bamboo, maple and cherry wood to give the chair the perfect finishing touch. Note: occupational therapists agree that high chairs without foot rests can be detrimental to mealtime success as it leaves baby’s feet dangling, which can be quite uncomfortable.

While lots of other hacks of the Antilop chair exist on the internet (this one uses an inexpensive exercise band to create a pseudo foot rest), Kruithof easily has one of the most aesthetically pleasing approaches.

Take a look at some of the products below (Pinterest moms, you’ve been warned!):

A social justice-themed cushion cover.

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All the preorder are shipped so I can finally list our extra Social Justice covers! Just like last time, 100% of the profits go to @bethebridge, a non-profit dedicated to racial healing, reconciliation and equality! They are listed first on our cushion cover product page. I have to warn you, there is a VERY small number of extras so they may go fast. Are these Social Justice covers something you would like us to get more of in the future?  🍎 AUGUST GIVEAWAY 🍎   Comment on our August posts for a chance to win a free cushion cover ($34 store credit). We’ll announce the lucky person on August 31st!  Pictured here: our Human Hands cushion and Pale Terracotta placemat 📷: @slambien

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Cute legs showing off the bamboo foot rest.

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Before launching our adjustable wooden footrest last fall, we did a TON of research! One of my favorite sources was @babyledweanteam. 💗 Here’s what Katie from @babyledweanteam shared today:   Did you know that having a flat surface where your baby’s feet can rest at a 90 degree angle helps stabilize the baby’s core & promotes a safe swallow? 💕 I heard from a mom recently that when she removed her twins’ footrests for travel, “I noticed a difference in their behavior. They were fussier and pushed the food off their tray (something they never did before). First meal with footrests back on was so peaceful! No cushions pulled out, no food throwing on the floor, no squirming in their seats. This high chair needs the @yeahbabygoods footrest!! A total game changer. Next time we travel we won’t be leaving the footrests off!” 😍    Feedback like this makes all the work so worth it!   Pictured here: our Cream Beans on Orange Rust cushion and Cherry footrest 📷: @featuringthefulchers

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A Pinterest-worthy set-up.

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Yesterday’s Must Have Restaurant Bag restock went so well! We had about 300 orders, which is awesome! Even better, we still have all three bags designs and all four table placemat colors available. This might be the first time in a looong time where we have all four of our products in stock – highchair cushion covers, placemats, footrests and the restaurant bags. It’s a great time to bundle and get free US shipping! 🙌🏻  I’m just sitting down to squeeze in a little work between two appointments. The dentist this morning said he thinks I need a root canal. 😫 Have any of you had one? The x-ray looked inconclusive, in my opinion. Am I a fool to wait for a bit??  I’m much more excited about my afternoon OB appointment with the amazing woman who chose us to adopt her baby. 31 weeks today, aaahh!!! With my other three kids, I always said the pregnancy flew by once we got to the single digits. Is that how you felt too? It’s the final countdown! 🤗  🍎 AUGUST GIVEAWAY 🍎   Comment on our August posts for a chance to win a free cushion cover ($34 store credit). We’ll announce the lucky person on August 31st!  Pictured here: our Banana Leaves cushion and Boho Brown placemat 📷: @lifewvincent_

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Cushion covers retail for $49 and placemats $22, plus shipping and duty. They sell out quickly, so be sure to check their website often for restocking.