UK trees for Kate Hudson's baby shower

By HaleyO
Photo: Broadimage / Rex Features Photo: Broadimage / Rex Features

Love this yellow dress on Kate Hudson (32)! She's photoed here at the Something Borrowed premiere back in May. By now she's pretty much ready to pop! So I'll keep you posted on any baby news.

In the meantime, Kate's had her baby shower, and she had an interesting request for shower gifts from her friends: trees to be planted in the UK. Why the UK, you ask? Because that's where she and hubby-to-be Matt Bellamy will be nesting after the baby's born, at least while he works on his band Muse's new album.

Not sure what that means for Kate's son with ex-hubby (from the Black Crowes) Chris Robinson -- 7-year-old Ryder. No deets on if he'll be going to the UK with them, but I'd assume so, especially since Kate and Chris have such a good relationship.

Sources say the couple will be dividing their time between London and Italy and that Kate's hoping to land a theatre gig while they're in London at some point.

Guests at Kate's baby shower included good friends Courteney Cox and Nicole Richie.

Love! xo Haley-O



This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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