Two ridiculously cute moments you probably missed in Diana Ross's grandson's Grammy speech

Diana Ross was stunning in her special performance at the Grammy Awards, but it was her nine-year-old grandson who totally stole the show!

Two ridiculously cute moments you probably missed in Diana Ross's grandson's Grammy speech

Photo: Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

The 2019 Grammy Awards happened last night, and just about everyone is buzzing about the most adorable presenter of them all: Raif-Henok Emmanuel Kendrick, Diana Ross's nine-year-old grandson.

Dressed in a slick red suit jacket and an impressive 'fro, Raif-Henok got up on the Grammy stage to introduce his grandmother's special performance in celebration of her 75th birthday next month. While his speech was already super cute in and of itself ("Did she say 'little guy'? I'm almost four-foot-nine!"), there were two blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments that occurred just before he started speaking that were just beyond adorable.

See if you can catch them:

Did you see them?

Just before he started his intro, Raif-Henok took a deep steel-yourself breath as if to tell himself, "You got this." Adorable, right?

Most kids have trouble telling the server at the restaurant that they want chicken fingers—heck, even some adults have trouble with that too—so it's pretty cool that at just nine years old, Raif-Henok was able to just calm himself down and deliver his intro with the poise of a person three or four times his age. It isn't a huge surprise though, since charisma and star power definitely runs deep in the Ross family tree.


As for the other adorable moment you might've missed: His walk up to the stairs to the stage included the ever so popular floss dance. Yup, while his speech delivery was very mature, he is still a kid after all, which means he's not immune to the popular dance craze sweeping the internet (mostly via Fortnite).

So you go, Raif-Henok! You're probably to the coolest kid we know of—but we're sure you already knew that.

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