Tori Spelling carries ice cream

By HaleyO
Tori Spelling carries ice cream

Don't get too excited, Gorgeouses.... Tori is only carrying these ice creams -- i.e., likely has no intention of eating them. I know. The skinny card is getting a little old, and it verges on snark, which we really do try to limit here at Celebrity Candy. But it's hard to look at Tori these days and not think, no matter how fleetingly, that she could really use an ice cream (even a sorbet...).

Anyway, we won't dwell on it. It's a cute picture of a Tori Spelling longingly gazing at carrying some ice cream and sweet Stella to her ailing husband, who, incidentally, apparently underestimates the limits of twitter TMI (too much information)....

Here are his most recent tweets detailing the extent of his injuries -- not only from the original dirt bike accident itself, but, alas from an unfortunate catheter incident (anything to stretch out the 15 minutes his accident gave him, but not this, NOT THIIIIS!!!). Make sure you read from the earliest tweets at the bottom to the most recent at the top:

Did you read it? Are you still here? I'm sorry. So very sorry. Egad.

On another note, did you watch showdown between Vienna and Jake on The Bachelorette last night?

Jake and Vienna in "happier" times just last month (June 10/2010). Ew.

OMG. Talk about TMI. Are you, like me, soooooooooooooooooooo Team Vienna?

xo Haley-O


Photo of Tori & Stella: VAH/Fame Pictures

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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