This is the perfect gift for kids who love Thomas (and it won't clutter your home!)

If your kid is a huge Thomas fan, this easy gift will make their day this holiday season. That's a Thomas promise!

This is the perfect gift for kids who love Thomas (and it won't clutter your home!)

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Many parents have experienced the Thomas & Friends phase with their young kids (does the phrase "cinders and ashes" ring a bell?). But if you're in the thick of it right now, we've got great news for you: Thomas the Tank Engine is now on Cameo!

That's right, if your kid loves Sodor's number-one engine—and you don't want to add yet another set of train tracks to your full-to-bursting playroom this holiday season—this news means you've now got the perfect gift idea right up your sleeve.

For those who haven't heard of Cameo, it's a platform where people can request personalized video gifts from their favourite celebrities, whether they're actors, athletes, musicians or reality TV stars. So now that Thomas is on the platform, you can bring your kid's favourite tank engine to life with a clip of him speaking directly to them by name.

Screenshot of Thomas the tank Engine on Cameo Photo: Thomas the Tank Engine

That's right, for $25 (or $20 if you're in the U.S.), you'll get a 30- to 45-second video straight from the island of Sodor where Thomas will greet your child and give them a personalized message depending on the occasion—either birthday, holiday or congratulations.

If the clip is for your child's birthday, you'll be able to specify the age they're turning and one special thing you're having at the party for Thomas to mention. If you're ordering the Cameo for the holidays, you can have Thomas discuss Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving or New Year's. For these messages, parents will also be asked to answer the question "What's one special thing you're doing for the Holiday?" so that Thomas can mention that in the clip as well. For messages to congratulate your child, you can select from this list of accomplishments: used the potty, listened well, had a great day, showed kindness, did as told or cleaned up. The video is usually delivered within three to seven days.

Now Thomas has many iterations, but the Cameo clips will come from the new animated show, Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go (as seen in the screenshot above)So if your child is an avid viewer, they'll especially love this gift. As of now, Thomas is the only engine on offer, but maybe his friends will join the fun in the future—and Percy fans can have their day, too!

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