This vintage Lego Minifigure is being recreated for the tiny character's 40th birthday

Lego is celebrating 40 years of minifigures and is releasing 17 new Party Series Minifigs to commemorate the special milestone, including a rare replica.

It’s been 40 years since Lego released their first minifigure—can you believe it?! As you can imagine, the famous brick-making company is super excited about this milestone and, of course, released 17 characters for their 18th Minifigures Party series.

There’s a slew of cool new characters, but the one that people are most excited about is a rare replica of Lego’s first minifig EVER—the 1978 Police Officer, complete with white hat and black uniform. The best part? He’s holding a replica of the boxset he was originally part of in 1978—a rare detail that collectors will appreciate!

LEGO 1978 Police Officer minifigure

Photo: Courtesy of LEGO

The other 16 characters are: Party Clown, Birthday Party Boy and Girl, Firework Guy, Cactus Girl, Dragon Suit Guy, Lego Brick Suit Girl and Guy, Cat Costume Girl, Unicorn Guy, Elephant Costume Girl, Spider Suit Boy, Flower Pot Girl, Cake Guy, Cowboy Costume Guy and Race Car Guy. Each character has a costume and accessories, like a birthday cake or balloon on a string, as well as a collector’s leaflet and a display baseplate.

LEGO 18th Minifgures Party Series

Photos: Courtesy of LEGO

The minifigs will sell in a mystery bag for $5 each, so you never know which one you’re going to get. The Lego Minifigures Party series will be available April 1, 2018 (no joke!) for collectors ages five and up.

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