This mom-to-be had the best response to a stranger's unsolicited advice

Everyone thinks they can tell pregnant women how to live, but this expectant mom had the best way to make a stranger instantly regret saying anything.

This mom-to-be had the best response to a stranger's unsolicited advice

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Everyone knows that when you're pregnant, the struggle is real. Between the morning sickness, swollen feet and a baby who is ~literally~ rearranging your insides, there are just so many annoying things to deal with.

However, there is one thing that all pregnant people can probably agree is the MOST annoying: the non-stop flood of unsolicited advice—especially when it comes from strangers who insist on rubbing your belly without permission. UGH.

That's why when Twitter user @Diamond_Jax, who is currently six months pregnant, was treated to some unwelcome advice during a morning coffee run, she decided that enough was enough. Take a look:

Hilarious, right?

Now this stranger wasn't trying to rub her belly, but they were trying to judge her for having caffeine while pregnant (and before she'd had her morning coffee, no less!). Don't they know that one cup a day is OK when you're expecting? Pregnant women have enough to deal with as it is, so why can't strangers just assume that the mom-to-be already knows this stuff and has cleared it with her doctor?

Let's be real, unsolicited advice just signals that the strangers assume that pregnant folks don't know what's safe when it's actually the strangers who don't know what they're talking about. GAH! It makes you wanna rip your hair out (which you won't, because you probably already know that pregnancy hair is fabulous and fleeting).


So it serves that stranger right to feel the kind of embarrassment that comes from assuming a woman is pregnant when she isn't (although yes, Jax actually is pregnant, but we digress). And next time someone gives you pregnancy advice that you didn't ask for, you know exactly what to do to get them off your back: deny, deny, deny.

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