This kid is so done with Santa

You have to read this kid's epic Santa letter—a scathing indictment of the man in red and the entire North Pole establishment.

Funny letter to Santa by a child Photo @sarahmccammon via Twitter

Kids say the cutest things when they think they have life figured out. The latest case in point: a six-year-old Santa skeptic forced to write a letter to St. Nick, who pretty much calls Santa out for being a bit of a control freak and not even all that caring of a guy. Truly, this little boy has put Santa on blast, accusing him of being a bit of a faker.

"Dear Santa," he starts, in a picture of the letter his mom, NPR reporter Sarah McCammon posted on her Twitter account. "Santa, Im only doing this for the class. I know your notty list is emty. And your good list is emty. and your life is emty. You dont know the trouble Ive had in my life. Good bye. love, im not telling you my name."

To really drive his point home, the margin art features colorful wreaths on one side, and dark brown skulls on the other.

While I don't really know how long (or short) Santa's various lists are, and I have a few questions about all the troubles this kid has seen (so young, and yet so beleaguered!), I also have a feeling it's the assertion that Santa's life is empty that might sting Mr. Claus the most.

Perhaps this boy is a budding social commentator who takes issue with the over-commercialization of the holiday? Maybe he sees right through the Ho-Ho-Hos, and the jolly smile into a heart full of wistfulness? Or suppressed pain?

Or maybe...he just was not in the mood to write to Santa that day, and decided to have the last laugh—while giving us a few chuckles too.


Oh, and one more thing: if he was SUCH a skeptic about Santa's powers, he'd have signed his name. I guess better safe than sorry, right kid?

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