This kid doing the 'Thriller' dance is the cutest thing you'll see today

Many have memorized the iconic Michael Jackson choreography, but probably none as cute as this little boy dancing the night away.

This kid doing the 'Thriller' dance is the cutest thing you'll see today

Photo: Cherish Tyson via Facebook

Who remembers trying to learn the dance moves to their favourite music video as a kid? We do!

This adorable video of a cute little tyke dancing along to Michael Jackson's iconic "Thriller" music video will instantly transport you back to those good ol' days when we could actually dance for fun without our knees and backs hurting (if only our kids would pick up their own toys, right?). The video, which was posted to Facebook, shows an adorable preschooler watching "Thriller" on TV and doing all the choreo—and we have to say, he's got it down pretty well! Take a look:

Admit it, you're smiling!

From the looks of the video, this kid definitely picked up those sweet moves by just watching MJ dancing on screen over and over (and over) again—and let's be real, most of us as kids were too terrified to watch that video in the first place, so kudos to him for being brave, too!

We love all of his little kicks and shimmies, and we especially love the moment at 0:53 where he turns and looks back at the audience as all the different zombies on the screen are doing the same. So glad someone caught that on camera. So cute!

As if things couldn't get any sweeter, another preschooler recently jumped on the dancing to Michael Jackson bandwagon. The video posted to Twitter shows an adorable little boy also mirroring Jackson's moves in the Thriller music video. This little cutie is even wearing Michael's iconic red jacket! Prepare yourself for more cuteness below:


Here's to hoping both these kids become dancers because they've definitely got the talent and determination for it. Keep on shaking it!

This article was originally published online in February 2019.

This article was originally published on Feb 27, 2021

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