Every party-throwing parent needs this hilarious banner

Have you tried everything to get your guests out the door, but they just don't get the hint?! Well, look no further because we just solved your problem.

Every party-throwing parent needs this hilarious banner

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Dear Never-Leaving, Late-Staying Guest,

You have over stayed your welcome, again. I get it, we enjoy your company too.  It's why we invited you! But we just can't party like we used to. We’re too tired to stay up any longer and the kids are going to be awake before the sun. We don’t want to be rude, but you’ve really got to get out.

Sincerely, The Forever-Sending-Hints Host.

Is there a parent out there that hasn't been there?

We all know that one friend or relative who likes to stay after hours, no matter how many signs you give them—like excessive yawning or cleaning the entire kitchen. But, if none of those tactics have been working, we have the trick for you.

A Minnesota-based family business Paper Supply Station sells the perfect, glittery, handmade banner that will give your guests a cheeky hint for when you need a major people clear out, but don't want to be that person. What's not to love about a decoration that allows you to be heard without saying anything at all? 

Glitter sign that says please leave by 9. Photo: Paper Supply Station

The "Please leave by 9," sign is the perfect mash up of honest and hilarious that makes tired and busy parents (aka all of us!!)—feel truly understood. Worried a metallic banner won't get the job done? Not to worry, Paper Supply Station also sells napkins with the same slogan. Expect to see them at all our parties from now on!


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