This genius 10-year-old has discovered a way to prevent hot car deaths

Thanks to the ingenuity of a fifth-grader, we may soon be able to buy a device that alerts parents and authorities when a child is left in a hot car.

By Jill Buchner

This genius 10-year-old has discovered a way to prevent hot car deaths

Photo: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

With summer's high temperatures just around the corner, a kid genius from Texas has created a new invention that will prevent kids from dying in hot cars.

Ten-year-old Bishop Curry V is a kid who loves dreaming up new devices and, when he heard about a family in his town whose six-month-old died in a hot car last summer, he was inspired to create something that would protect other children from being forgotten in the carBishop, who has a one-year-old sister and a father who is an engineer, came up with a tragedy-preventing device that attaches to a car seat where it can detect if a baby is inside. When a child is left in a hot vehicle, it blows cool air and alerts the parents and the authorities.

Each year, dozens of children die in hot cars, often because busy parents or caregivers who have so many things on their minds simply forget they’re in the back seat. Heat stroke, which occurs when there is prolonged exposure to high temperatures and raises the internal body temperature, can cause nausea, seizures, confusion, and eventually organ damage and death. And children and infants are particularly vulnerable to high temperatures.

Kids and Cars, an organization that documents the problem and raises awareness, says more than 800 children have died from heat stroke in hot cars since 1990. But Bishop is ready to change that.

The fifth-grader already has a provisional patent and a 3D model of his invention. His dad helped him start a Go Fund Me campaign for the life-saving device, which he has named Oasis, and the fundraising has already exceeded his $20,000 goal to pay for prototyping and finalizing the patent.

We can’t wait until this incredible invention hits store shelves and we’re excited to see what Bishop creates next!

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