This DIY kit turns your Nintendo Switch into amazing interactive toys

Nintendo just announced Nintendo Labo, a DIY kit that turns your Switch into awesome cardboard toys. The possibilities are endless!

It’s been almost a year since Nintendo released its game-changing console, the Nintendo Switch. Now, the beloved video game company has announced Nintendo Labo, an awesome DIY kit that lets kids use cardboard to create awesome interactive toys.

Nintendo Switch Why your kids will love the Nintendo SwitchNintendo Labo, which will be available in April, features two different kit options. The first is a Variety Kit that comes with five projects, which Nintendo is calling “Toy-Cons” (after the Switch’s adaptable Joy-Con controllers). By folding up the pre-cut cardboard pieces, kids can create an RC car, a fishing rod, a house, a motorbike and a piano! Each Toy-Con comes to life when integrated with the console, so you can actually play music on the piano’s 13 keys or steer the motorbike down a virtual race track.

The second kit option is the Robot Kit, which lets you build a robot suit that your kid can wear. By inserting the Joy-Cons into the suit, your kid can control the giant robot on the screen just by moving around.

These kits take the Switch to a whole new level of versatility. In Nintendo’s promo video for Labo, they show flashes of a kick-drum pedal, an engine and even a bird. And since they’re all made of cardboard, the possibilities for different Toy-Cons are endless. Watch the full video below:

We also love that kids can colour and decorate the Toy-Cons however they like, which lets kids show off their creative side. How fun is that?

The cardboard construction also means these toys are recyclable, so once your kid gets tired of it—which probably won’t happen for a long time—the pieces won’t end up in a landfill like plastic toys would. Another plus? The cardboard pieces can be stored flat, as long as you have the patience to deconstruct and reconstruct them every time (building them is half the fun right?).

No matter how you and your kids play, Nintendo is always finding creative ways to change the game and we are absolutely here for it.

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