This baby trying to eat her mom’s burrito will make you laugh (and leave you craving Mexican food!)

You have to see this super-cute (and hilariously motivated) baby trying her best to steal her mom's meal

Lots of new parents wonder how they’ll know when their baby is ready to start solids. What are the signs? Which foods do you try first? And what if they’re not interested?

Well, luckily for this mom, it’s pretty hilariously clear: her baby is INTO IT.

Her doctor said that I could start thinking about introducing her to solid foods if she started showing any interest… might this qualify? from r/aww


Every time the mom goes to take a bite, the baby does the same. With big eyes, hilarious eyebrows, and an impressively wide mouth, the baby lurches forward to steal a bite.

Since it was posted to Reddit, the people of the internet are simply eating it up. The video has gotten 46,000 upvotes and 1,400 comments.

Mom feeding happy baby first mushed orange solid food Is it safe to introduce solids before a baby's teeth come in?Our favourite comments? This person who wrote, “I have a very similar approach to burritos…” and another who wrote, “She goes full kirby for that thing.”

(Some users then started calling her “Kirbaby,” after the popular Nintendo character who is known for sucking up enemies to take their powers. Someone has even recreated this video with the Kirby sound effects added, so that they happen whenever the baby opens her mouth.)

Burritos truly are one of life’s great pleasures—we’d want to inhale it, too. But maybe this little burrito bandit should start out with some purées or finger foods, and work her way up to adult-size portions of Mexican food. Baby steps, right?

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