This awesome Toy Story plane was plucked straight out of your kid's wildest dreams

This Toy Story-themed passenger jet looks amazing, but wait until you see what it's like on the inside!

Just the thought of flying with kids is enough to fill parents with dread. Between in-flight boredom, judging glances from other passengers and being cramped into a small space for hours, the air travel experience can be a total nightmare, right? But when it comes to traveling in style, this amazing Toy Story-themed plane can make the ride a little more dreamy.

illustration of a Disney castle How to do Disney (without losing your mind!)The new kid-friendly airliner is a collaboration between Disney and China Eastern Airlines and flies folks from Beijing to Shanghai. The experience is meant for families on their way to a vacation at Shanghai Disneyland, since the resort just opened its new Toy Story Land. The new section, which opened last week, is the first major expansion at the Shanghai amusement park since it opened in 2016 and this new plane shows that when it comes to giving you a fully-themed experience to remember, the sky really is the limit.

The outside of the plane is sky-blue with a ginormous painting of Buzz Lightyear, which means that up in the air, this plane probably looks like Buzz is finally getting a chance to fly to infinity and beyond. Now passengers obviously won’t get to see the outside of the plane during the flight, but leave it to Disney to fully deck out the plane’s interior as well. Check it out:

Inside of the Toy Story-themed airplane

Photo: Disney

Yep, the ceilings are painted that same sky-blue and covered with the iconic fluffy clouds from the movies—you’ll practically feel like you’re soaring through the clouds. Each of the colourful seats also features a different character from the movie such as Jessie, Rex and Mr. Potato Head.

In addition to the fun decor, the flight experience includes special themed features including in-flight entertainment (we assume it’s a selection of Disney-Pixar movies), food and boarding passes the kids will love.

The Toy Story plane follows the lead of super popular Hello Kitty aircraft from EVA Airlines in Taiwan. And in the U.S., American Airlines teamed up with Marvel’s Avengers on a plane that flies between Los Angeles and New York.

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