There's a new Anne of Green Gables graphic novel and (spoiler alert) it's awesome

Our spirited Anne is back, this time in a beautiful graphic novel that will make kindred spirits out of a whole new generation of readers.

By Amy Valm

There's a new Anne of Green Gables graphic novel and (spoiler alert) it's awesome

Photo: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Everyone's favourite redhead is back with a cool new rendition of this Canadian classic. Anne of Green Gables (by OG Lucy Maud Montgomery) has been adapted by Mariah Marsden and illustrated by Brenna Thummler into a graphic novel. Anne's story has been condensed for an easy and fun read, but still maintains the key plot points (raspberry cordial, life long sorrows, botched baking, puffed sleeves, kindred spirits and, of course, Gilbert Blythe!) everyone loves.

illustration of a horse and buggy going through a beautiful forest Photo: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Each page is filled with beautiful illustrations that maintain the pioneer essence of the time but give the story a more modern feel.

pages from new graphic novel of Anne Shirley getting picked up by Matthew Photo: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Who doesn't love the scene where Matthew picks Anne up at the train station, expecting a boy, only to take home a chatty, imaginative and utterly ridiculous-in-the-best-ways-possible little girl?

graphic novel of a scene from Anne of Green Gables where Rachel investigates what's going on Photo: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Or when nosey Avonlea gossip Rachel Lynde gets up in Marilla's business about where Matthew has gone?

It's great for old fans and newcomers alike. Grab a tissue, this is one story that will get you every time.

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