The OSCARS: Stacey Keibler's dress

What a night last night, huh? Here's the must-see dress that didn't make it into Haley's celebrity-parent fashion roundup

By Haley Overland

Gorgeouses, I'm on next to NO sleep right now, so please bear with me and do your best to ignore any typos or unreadable sentences — you'll know what I mean. I was up ridiculously late going all OCD on this gallery of celebrity-parent Oscar fashions and quotes. Take a moment to go on and CHECKIT, and then come right back.

I'll wait....

Did you like it? What did you think of the dresses?

One dress that, of course, couldn't make it into the gallery was Stacey Keibler's stunning gold Marchesa gown (because, of course, she doesn't have kids, and it was a parent gallery). Check it out to the left. Is it not, as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump's wedding planner would say, FABOLOUS!

Surprisingly, there have been some mixed reviews about this dress today (unlike last night, when everyone seemed to be raving about it as the best dress, like, ever). Some critics apparently thought it was just too much gold. But to my mind it was the perfect gold, reflecting the red carpet so warmly and beautifully. Plus her hair and minimal jewelry was just perfect. She was number-one on my list last night. GORJ!

Of course, one could joke that Stacey totally looked like boyfriend George Clooney's "trophy" girlfriend, and maybe they were making a subtle, glamorous joke about that? They've both got a great sense of humour, after all. But, again, Stacey was perfection. No matter what anyone says about her, she's really beautiful. No wonder rumour has it Angelina Jolie's not a big fan of hers....

What do you think of the dress, Gorgeouses?

Love! xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Feb 27, 2012

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