The Jolie-Pitts: Smiling & gorj in New Orleans

By HaleyO
The Jolie-Pitts: Smiling & gorj in New Orleans

As one of our writers Nichola Anderson used to say around here all the time (before she moved back to New Brunswick, wahh!), OH MA WORD!

OH. MA. WORD. This family is GORJ wonderfully GORJ impossibly GORJ fabulously GORJ!

Wowza! And, is it me? Or are Brad and Angelina wearing next-to-identical sunglasses? CUTE!

And for once, Brad (47) doesn't look grey and disheveled and Angelina (35) may even have what looks like meat on her bones!? Hmm, maybe not, but her hair looks great with the side-swept bangs now!

Brad and Angelina even waved to fans as they walked by, and even smiled for the cameras....

WOW! And the children are beautiful....

It looks SUNNY in New Orleans (unlike gloomy Toronto today!), where the Jolie-Pitt family reunited Friday with Brad, who's there fliming Cogan's Trade.  They're photo'd here en route to the local market yesterday (Sunday) for some shopping and a bite to eat.

Angelina flew all of the six children -- Maddox (9), Pax (7), Zahara (6), Shiloh (4) and twins Vivienne and Knox (2) -- on a private plane to visit dad. Way to go, MOM!

Just as an aside because some of us have a MASSIVE celebrity crush on Brad.... Earl Jackson, the valet at the hotel Brad's been staying at, told People Magazine that Brad is a "cool cat": "He's a pretty cool cat.... He came up to a group of us and said, 'What's up, guys?' " LOVES IT!

The Jolie-Pitt family will now stay in their New Orleans home in the French Quarter -- for about a month -- until Brad finishes filming.


xo Haley-O

Photo: Fame Pictures | Source

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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