Suri Cruise stays warm and fashionable

Here’s a really exciting one for you, Gorgeouses! I know the news isn’t that thrilling — i.e., it’s not like Suri (4.5) was photo’d drinking STARBUCKS again (she loves her daily Starbucks hot chocolate, and WHO WOULDN’T!?). But she does look adorable in pink, cuddling close to her caregiver to brave the NYC elements earlier today. Checkit….

Doesn’t she look sweet? And kind of all-growed-up! Except that she’s being carried again. And, OH HEY!, her boots totally match her coat…. Same. Exact. Pink. Not that we’d expect anything less from the mini fashionista.

Errrm, don’t worry, Gorgeouses, I’ll be okay…. It’s just there’s only so much you can say sometimes other than “here’s a cute picture” when you’re exhausted out of your mind from two kids on March Break. Just saying….

Are we surprised that Suri’s nanny’s carrying her? Not if you remember our Suri-carrying contemplation CHECKIT!

xo Haley-O

Photo: Fame Pictures

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