STRIPES: Nicole Richie

By HaleyO
STRIPES: Nicole Richie

Ever since that commenter on my personal blog told me I should NEVER WEAR STRIPES AGAIN (and I do love this commenter, by the way -- she's from Belgium and always says it like it is ALWAYS), I've become obsessed with stripes. Don't worry, it'll pass. But Nicole is WORKING the stripes here on her way back from the gym. Sighh..., I do love stripes.

The adorable mama's been keeping in good shape. While moms like Jennifer Garner like to workout before the kids wake up in the morning, it looks like Nicole works out later in the day, maybe when the little ones -- Harlow (3) and Sparrow (1) -- are napping.

Then again, my kids stopped napping at 2. Lucky me?! When did your kids stop napping? AND when do you workout? Let me know in the comments while I continue to plow away on that Dean McDermott interview.... (A friend of mine interviewed him years ago for Dini Petty and says they used to call him the "good talker" because he talks so good! Lots to share!)

xo Haley-O

Photo: Fame Pictures

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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