Sleep-deprived parents: Check out this baby cot that simulates a car ride

Classic car company Ford has developed a high-tech cot that mimics a car ride to save sleep-deprived parents.

sleek modern crib

Photo: Ford

Some babies will sleep like it ain’t no thang. Others need to be held, while others still need the purr of an engine as their poor sleep-deprived parents drive around the neighbourhood so they can finally nod off.

Ford of Spain had a pretty clever idea for all those car-addicted sleepers and their parents: a cot called Max Motor Dreams that mimics the sensations of being in a car, complete with engine noise, gentle movement and a low glow akin to city streetlights. The cot is sleek in design, with wood panelling reminiscent of Ford’s iconic station wagon, and it connects to an app that allows you to record the exact sounds of your vehicle for the built-in speakers to play back. We like where you’re going with this, Ford.

Unfortunately, this newfangled baby bed isn’t available for purchase in North America yet, but bleary-eyed parents can still fantasize about it. Check it out below.

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