Sienna Miller is pregnant!

Actress Sienna Miller and her boyfriend Tom Sturridge are expecting their first child

By Haley Overland
Sienna Miller is pregnant!

Sienna and Tom at the French Open earlier this year. He's a little less scruffy now.... Photo: ANG/Fame Pictures

Finally, Sienna Miller is in the news for a good reason...!

After a year of dating, the 30-year-old actress and her boyfriend, Tom Sturridge (26), are having a baby!

According to a source for, Sienna and Tom "don't have plans right away to marry, if at all." But Tom is "mature," the source added, "and he's a good guy." And he's much better than that Jude Law person (heh!) and his "cheating" ways, as far as Sienna's family is concerned. Jude (39) and Sienna broke off their engagement in 2006, after Jude admitted to having an affair with his kids' nanny, and reconciled in the fall of 2009, and then split again in February of 2011.

Sienna and Tom vacationed in Paris over the holidays, and "announced the news in London," the source for Us says.

Last fall Sienna and Tom were spotted on a double date with Robert Pattinson (Tom's friend) and Kristen Stewart.... Very interesting!

Congrats to them!

xo Haley-O


This article was originally published on Jan 06, 2012

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