Seal picks his daughters up from Heidi Klum's home in NYC

This is the first time since his divorce from Heidi Klum that we've seen Seal out with the kids. He was photo'd picking the girls up from Heidi's home in NYC.

We haven’t seen much of singer Seal, 49, since his split from Heidi Klum, 39, back in January. The kids are most often photo’d with their mom.

But we hear he and Heidi have been working hard to help their kids through the difficult transition — ensuring they all have ample time with each parent.

So it’s refreshing to see this rare photo of Seal with two of their four kids, Leni, 8, and Lou, 2, taken last Sunday. He was picking them up from Heidi’s house. (As you probably know, Heidi was pregnant with Leni when she and Seal started dating; he later went on to adopt her as his own.)

Apparently, the girls had spent the day before with their mom. They had a blast going to the theatre to see an off-Broadway show called the Gazillion Bubble Show with their mom and brothers, Henry, 7, and Johan, 6.

Seal picked them up the next day for some quality father-daughter time. Nice! The kids are super cute….

Looks like Seal had his hands full with the little one!

When he’s not with the kids, it looks like Seal’s getting on with his romantic life. He was recently spotted on an Italian yacht with a “mysterious brunette,” the tabloids are saying

Season 10 of Project Runway starts next week in the US. Can’t wait for it to arrive here!

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