Sarah McLachlan dishes about her kids

By HaleyO
Photo: Sarah Dea/The Globe and Mail Digital Image Photo: Sarah Dea/The Globe and Mail Digital Image

Sarah McLachlan's encouraging her daughters India Ann Sushil, 8, and Taja Summer, 3, make their own choices when it comes to pursuing a career in music.

The Grammy-award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter, 42, tells Parade that, when it comes to career, she'd encourage [her] to do whatever they want that makes them happy.... There are two schools of thought: forcing them to take music lessons or letting them do what they want. I’m going to let them try everything and see what happens. Although India's showing a love for swimming, which Sarah's taking care to foster, both girls are, she says, "very musically inclined," but more into "free-form singing": My older one was in piano lessons for a while, but she's not much of a joiner. She's not one to be put into a box. She's extremely independently minded and just wants to do her own thing. The little one definitely has really good pitch. At a year old, she was singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."
Sarah's hitting headlines lately because, after an 11-year break -- would you believe? -- Lilith Fair is back this summer! Sarah, the fair's creator, is most excited about seeing Loretta Lynn, Colbie Callait, and Mary J. Blige perform.

She also has a new album coming out. Woohoo!

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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