Sandra Bullock on motherhood, movies & Louis' first day of school!

Our favourite gossip magazine, Hello! Canada, has come through for us yet again with fab pics of Sandra Bullock and little Louis AND an exclusive interview

By Haley Overland
Sandra Bullock on motherhood, movies & Louis' first day of school!

Check out Sandra Bullock (47) and her adorable 23-month-old son, Louis Bardo, walking home after his very first day of nursery school, in Studio City, California ? in the pages of last week's issue of Hello! Canada Magazine. What a cutie!

Sandra's looking pretty amazing herself, as usual, juggling that sippy cup, the box of raisins (inside her phone ? clever!), the lunchbox. Been there!

In this week's issue of Hello! Canada Magazine, on stands tomorrow (Thursday), there's an exclusive interview with Sandra. She's promoting her new movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which is actually her first gig since winning an Oscar and adopting Louis. And we've got these sweet snippets to share with you. CHECKIT:

On why she considered quitting acting after adopting Louis....

I was just so happy being a mom. I’m still very happy being a mom. That just shifted and became my full priority. I was so good there and still am very good there. Whatever next opportunity that I was given had to be an amazing one for myself and for my son. It was no longer being a selfish actress having a moment. I wanted to have an amazing time – with him and myself – and fortunately, [this] presented that. We had a great time. In every possible way, it was the best.

On how playing the role of Mom changed now that she's a mom in real life....

You have to always feel ? you pray that you feel ? maternal toward whatever child that you’re working with. I’ve played moms before, but they’d always been in a lighter context, something that was very sparkly and just the perfect mom, and like, “Everything’s OK,” and there’s conflict, but not depth like this. They say, “Don’t work with dogs and children.” I always seem to work with dogs and children, but I love it.

For more of this really interesting (Sandra's always fascinating) interview, be sure to pick up the latest issue of Hello! Canada Magazine, which is now officially known around here as my mom's favourite gossip magazine (if only she would read Celebrity Candy, but that's another story!).

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Dec 14, 2011

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