Samuel Affleck: Just. Like. Dad.

Check out this adorable baby! Such a looker — he looks just like his movie-star dad, Ben Affleck. (Plus, kudos to mom, Jennifer Garner...again!)

I normally don’t go gah-gah over a baby I don’t personally know. But look at this baby?!

He’s photo’d here with his lovely mom, Jennifer Garner, 40, and her friend. The three of them were out for a coffee run in New Orleans, Louisiana, where Jen and the kids have been staying (and dad Ben Affleck’s been visiting) while she works on the set of The Dallas Buyer’s Club.

I love how Jennifer has no problem going out without makeup. I mean, not that she even needs it. But she doesn’t let the pressure of the paparazzi dictate how she lives her life. Leaving the house in a sweatshirt and no makeup (which is to be expected of every other mom of three very young kids): case in point.

Back to Samuel, though…. At nine months old, this adorable child looks just. like. his father. Here’s a close-up:

Am I right? I’m right! He’s a red-headed clone of his famous father, Ben Affleck. Right? OMG. So adorable.

xo Haley-O

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