Ryan Phillippe coaches son’s flag football team

The actor spends some quality time with his kids, Ava and Deacon, and his girlfriend over the weekend.

By Cassandre Cadieux
Ryan Phillippe coaches son’s flag football team Photos: FameFlynet Pictures

I’ve loved Ryan Phillippe since Cruel Intentions. I was heart-broken when he and Reese Witherspoon broke up, and am sad that he never became the A-list star that I wanted him to be. That is why I’m so glad to see him spending some time with his kids and, better than that, even taking the time to coach his son Deacon, 8, and his friends. He seems to be really into it, which I find adorable.

Ryan and Reese’s daughter Ava, 12, named after actress Ava Gardner and sporting her now-practically-signature thick-rimmed purple glasses, was also present at the game, cheering her brother (and her dad) on with Ryan’s girlfriend (who looks really young!) on the sidelines. The kids do look a lot like their mom, but I think Deacon is looking more and more like his dad as he grows up. 

Here are some pictures Ryan’s coaching skills, and the girls cheering, in action.

Ryan Phillippe coaches son’s flag football team  

Ryan Phillippe coaches son’s flag football team  

Doesn’t your heart melt a little? Too bad we’ll never know whether they won the game or not.

Ryan is starring in a movie called Straight A’s with Anna Paquin and Luke Wilson. Will you be seeing it when it comes out in December?

Also, were you as surprised as I was to see Deacon playing flag football? I just assumed it was soccer for some reason...

This article was originally published on May 16, 2012

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