Royal pregnancy speculation gets ridiculous

That tabloids are saying Kate Middleton might be pregnant for the most outlandish of reasons

By Haley Overland
Royal pregnancy speculation gets ridiculous

I'm a little snarky today, huh? I can't help it when the news out there is totally ludicrous (don’t Belieb the hype)!

Take the latest royal bump watch, for instance. This one's a doozy, Gorgeouses. NOW they're speculating that Kate Middleton may be pregnant ― not, as you might expect, because she was photo'd holding a bouquet of flowers in front of her teeny-tiny belly, but ― because she avoided some peanut paste when she and Prince William were taste-testing food during their visit to the UNICEF distribution centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, the other day.
Of course, the speculations are based on the studies suggesting pregnant women (usually with a history of peanut allergies in the family) avoid nut products to prevent peanut allergies in their children.
But did anyone think that maybe peanut paste just isn’t on the Dukan diet, which Kate allegedly follows, or any diet for that matter, because it’s totally high fat? (And I know all about the Dukan diet because I happen to have a friend who's afraid of food and whittling down to nothing on the diet as we speak…. Blergh. Anyway, peanut paste is not on the plan!)
Say it with me, Gorgeouses: OY VEH!

I won't believe Kate Middleton is pregnant unless there's a royal announcement or she pulls a Jessica Simpson on us and goes around with noticable belly, sheer top and maternity skirt.
So what do you think? Are the latest royal pregnancy rumours a little out of control?
xo Haley-O


This article was originally published on Nov 04, 2011

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