Everything you need to know about Tim Hortons' new 'Roll Up to Win'

The company is back with a new, all-digital version of its popular yearly contest and, for starters, every 'roll' is now a winner. Here's what you need to know.

Everything you need to know about Tim Hortons' new 'Roll Up to Win'

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Tim Hortons’ Roll Up The Rim To Win is going to look different this year. The company is back with a new, all-digital version of its popular yearly contest.

Last year, the contest had to swiftly pivot due to health concerns over the emergence of COVID-19. This year, with the pandemic still very much a part of our lives, Tim’s has announced a new, revised, more-COVID-friendly version. Here’s what you need to know about Tim Hortons’ new ‘Roll Up To Win’ for 2021.

What’s new this year?

For one thing, the name. The contest is no longer Roll Up The Rim To Win, but simply Roll Up To Win—signifying the end of the formerly essential act of rolling up a coffee cup rim in hopes of winning a prize. Last year, the company scrapped paper cups from the contest at the last minute in response to public health concerns about COVID-19, and this year, the contest is permanently implementing that change. In a press release, the company announced its two main goals this year were to pivot to digital, and to retire the “Please Play Again” message, which means every roll is now a winner. Also new: In addition to hot beverages, guests will now also win prizes with the purchase of select cold beverages, breakfast sandwiches and breakfast wraps.

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If every roll is now a winner, what do the prizes look like?

Now that every roll is a winner, there are, the company says, more prizes available than ever before. Aside from the traditional prize pool—which consists of electronic devices, coffees and donuts, among other items—there will now be digital prizes. New this year, guests can win subscriptions to popular streaming services, as well as Tims Rewards points—which will act as a replacement for the losing “please play again” message. Customers can earn points with each roll per eligible item, which differs from Tims’ regular rewards system, where you earn 10 points per purchase, regardless of how many items you buy. Points can be collected and redeemed for items on the menu: 50 points will get you a baked good, while 220 points will get you a lunch menu item, like a sandwich. The company has also expanded the prize pool to include 1.8 million reusable mugs, as part of its sustainability campaign.

How does it work?

By scanning your Tim Hortons app or a Tims Rewards card when making a purchase, you will earn one or more “rolls,” which will reveal a prize. In addition to in-store purchases, delivery orders through the Tim Hortons app will earn a roll for each qualifying item. To reveal your roll’s prize, you can either visit the Roll Up To Win website or use the Tim Hortons app. The new digital version will provide the look of rolling up the rim, and will even make a noise, the company says.

When does it start?

Roll Up To Win is launching on March 8, and running until April 4. The company says they’ll be back with more announcements about prizes closer to the launch date.

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