Watch Robert Downey Jr. surprise boy with Iron Man prosthetic arm

Watch this heartwarming video of Robert Downey Jr. surprising a seven-year-old boy with an awesome Iron Man prosthetic arm, in support of Microsoft's Collective Project.

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"You know who that is?"

"Iron Man!"

Dad of three Robert Downey Jr. has demonstrated his Iron Man awesomeness (yet again, if you ask me). He teamed up with mechanical engineering doctoral student and founder of Limbitless Solutions, Albert Manero, to surprise seven-year-old Alex, who was born with an underdeveloped right arm, with his very own real-life bionic arm!

"Honored to present a bionic #IronMan arm to Alex through @MSOneNote’s #CollectiveProject," Robert tweeted. "Check the bowtie. #dapper"

Robert and Manero got together through the Collective Project, which produces prosthetic limbs at a fraction of the cost for families in need. This Iron Man limb, for example, cost $350, as opposed to $40,000! Because of a special sensor and long-lasting battery, Alex is able to do lots of things—like picking stuff up—with his new superhero arm.


Watch this heartwarming video and see the big surprise!


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This article was originally published on Mar 13, 2015

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