Rihanna’s rumoured birth plan is so amazingly extra

Riri is apparently sparing no expense for the birth of her first child—and we're totally here for it.

If you’ve ever made a birth plan, you know that the best mindset is to plan on your plan changing. However, we’re hoping that Rihanna’s rumoured birth plans happen exactly how she’s imagined them because honestly, they sound incredible.

According to The Mirror, Rihanna is supposedly planning to have her first child at home in her Barbados mansion. But this isn’t your normal home birth—Rihanna is a billionaire after all. The singer and business mogul is rumoured to be decking out her house with a fully equipped birthing suite, so she’ll have all the safety of a hospital stay while still being in the comfort of her own home. She also plans on having all the important women in her life there with her as she gives birth, including her mother, Monica, and her best friend, Sonita Alexander, who is a doctor and is said to be delivering the baby.

While bringing a full birthing suite’s worth of equipment into your home already seems pretty over-the-top, it gets even more luxurious, especially for her guests. According to the source, Rihanna’s loved ones will have access to manis and pedis and other spa treatments while waiting for the baby to arrive. Rihanna herself will be getting pregnancy massages and vitamin IVs throughout her labour, which seems like the right amount of pampering for someone with unlimited resources during what can be a very stressful time.

“As far as she is concerned, the day she becomes a mother is the most important in her life,” an insider told Heat Magazine. “She wants it to be as magical as possible.”  The insider continued by saying that Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky plan on throwing a beach-side party for their friends after the birth. “She can’t wait to celebrate alongside all her favourite people and is determined to make this epic.”

Remember that this birth plan hasn’t been confirmed by Rihanna herself, but while the rumours might not even be true, it’s fun to imagine it, right? Now, what do we think she’ll be wearing—a Savage X Fenty hospital gown, perhaps?

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