These are the richest babies on Instagram

Yup, these babies aren't even five years old and they're already making more money than most people will in their lifetimes.

By Today's Parent
These are the richest babies on Instagram

Photos: @theyeetbaby, @euamono, @halston.blake via Instagram

It's no secret that parents love sharing pics of their kids on Instagram (if you're not already following our IG, you should!). However, instead of just posting on their own profiles, some parents have gone so far as to create entire accounts specifically for pictures of their little ones—and unsurprisingly, many of those adorable babes have gained quite the following.

Among those that have found a following are these three babies who, according to research from Babysense, are the top-earning babes on the platform with potential to make $3,000 to $4,000 (US!) per post. Yup, you read that right—if they were to post a sponsored post every day, they could rake in around $100k every month. Take a look at these cute kids who are making more money than we can ever hope to see.

1. Noah Tavares - @euamono

This cutie from Brazil has been on Instagram since he was a newborn, and now that he's three years old, he's rolling in the dough. He recently amassed more than one-million followers and it's not hard to see why. (This throwback?! We can't.) According to the research, his posts get an average of 44.7k likes and he has potential earnings of $4,809 per post, which puts him in the top-earning spot.

2. Marleigh Grant - @theyeetbaby

You've probably seen one of two-year-old Marleigh's hilarious pouring videos, which she films with her uncle, Chris Rooney, who manages her account. They usually end up in a fun and very LOL mess. She also reached one-million followers on the platform recently and has the most average likes with about 151k per post. Despite this, her potential per-post earnings are just under those of Noah at $4,655 per post—which is obviously still very impressive.

3. Halston Blake Fisher - @halston.blake


While two-year-old Halston has yet to reach the one-million-follower mark, her audience of 610k followers is nothing to scoff at. This pint-sized style icon often poses in trendy outfits and it seems her fans can't get enough. Her potential per-post earnings sit at $3,060, giving her the third spot on this list.

These are just the top three earners, but there are plenty of tiny Insta influencers who are making loads of money on the social media platform. Check out the full top 20 here.

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