Rachel Zoe out shopping with (adorable) baby Skyler

It's shopping day again for Rachel Zoe and her baby Skyler

By Haley Overland
Rachel Zoe out shopping with (adorable) baby Skyler

It seems celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe (40) has a perpetual shopping buddy! What else are babies for...? Hee! Kidding, of course.

But for Rachel, taking 10-month-old Skyler from L.A. store to L.A. store must be sheer bliss. And Skyler seems to be enjoying his comfy (albeit famously bony?) station on Mom's hip while she checks out price tags and fabrics, in what looks like a velvet black top hat and shockingly-not-so-enormous sunglasses.

Rachel seems to love dressing Skyler in grey ― maybe to bring out his beautiful blue eyes...? Wow, mind you, we've seen this entire ensemble before...! I knew it looked familiar. GAAAASP! Hee!

Indeed, stylishly-clad Skyler is the perfect little sidekick, the perfect shopping buddy (calm as a clam...or is it cucumber?), and, with those chubby cheeks, the perfect darling little accessory!

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Dec 20, 2011

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