Will Prince Harry and Meghan use one of these baby names?

The bets are on for their baby girl's name, and some very cute monikers are topping the list.

Will Prince Harry and Meghan use one of these baby names?

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As summer approaches and Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry get closer to welcoming their daughter, speculation is heating up about what the Sussexes will call their little girl.

Earlier this week, bookies Ladbrokes revealed there's a new top choice for the Duke and Duchess' second child's name: Philippa, in honour of Prince Philip, Harry's late grandfather. It has 3/1 odds.

And now, Betfair, another leading U.K. betting firm, has released the top five names that have the most likelihood of being the little girl's name.

Right at the top is Diana with 4/1 odds. Of course, the name would be a lovely and sweet way to pay respect to the late Princess of Wales, Harry's mother. Diana has been the top choice for royals fans for months. (Back in March, 54 per cent of HELLO! Canada readers said they thought the Duke and Duchess would pick it for their daughter's name.)

Even before the gender of the Sussexes' second child was known, Diana quickly became the number one choice following their pregnancy announcement in February. And when Harry told Oprah Winfrey the Sussexes were having a girl, Ladbrokes and OddsMonkey immediately placed Diana at number one with 4/1 odds. The name was also one of the top picks when Meghan was expecting Archie in 2019, before his gender was known.

Betfair's latest odds say Allegra, which Meghan once reportedly said she would love to name a daughter, comes in second, at 11/1. Isabella and Philippa follow just behind it, with 12/1. There's another new choice in fifth place: Maya. It's followed by Molly, with 14/1 odds, Grace and Kamala at 16/1 and Ivy at 20/1.

Betfair also says people have been putting their money on names such as Artemis, Eleanor and Jeannie. Doria, which would pay tribute to Meghan's mother, currently has 25/1 odds, the firm says.

Ladbrokes also placed Allegra high this week, at third place with 10/1 odds. That name was tied with Elizabeth, which would be a great way for the couple to show their love for the Queen. Diana came in second in Ladbrokes' numbers.


Ladbrokes said other popular choices included Alexandria, with 12/1 odds, and Grace, Emma, Rose, Alice and Victoria, which all have 16/1 odds.

Of course, it's entirely possible the Sussexes could opt for something not even mentioned here or thought of by most fans – they did that with Archie.

It's not known when Meghan is due, but many fans think she's likely to give birth sometime in June or July.

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