Pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar in heavy black maternity dress & cute accessories

Check out Sarah Michelle Gellar in a long black maternity dress with adorable pink shades, purple scarf and a denim coat. What do you think of the look?


Check out pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar, 35, looking lovely in a black maternity dress. Sarah pepped up the black dress with seriously adorable pink sunglasses, a vibrant purple paisley scarf and cute denim jacket.

She’s photo’d here taking her adorable daughter, Charlotte, 2.5, who’s looking more and more like her dad, Freddie Prinze Jr., to a playdate.

So cute huh?

By the way, I’m pretty sure I have a concussion from wakeboarding in choppy waters and falling repeatedly on my head this weekend. And whiplash. So if I sound a little off, make repeated typos, that’s why! On my way home now, actually!

DISCUSS: What do you think of Sarah’s look? She really looks lovely in anything. But I think the scarf, denim jacket AND dark purse — especially with the black dress — are a little heavy for summer, you? Here’s a full-length shot….

xo Haley-O

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