Pregnant Penelope Cruz: Rare photos!

Finally, a rare photo of stunning Penelope Cruz in a bump-hugging Rolling Stones tee.

I’m so dedicated to our blog these days that I’m writing to you now from the front seat of my car. Because I’m  environmentally friendly at an almost OCD level (I’ve gotten better), my car is turned off, and I am starting to sweat. But it’s OK. There’s a beautiful black cat running by, meowing, so I’m not alone. And a group of university students are now parked on a stoop right beside me, having their own gossip session.

So here we are. Check out Penelope Cruz, 39, now way into her second pregnancy. The Oscar-award winning actress, her hubby, Javier Bardem, 44, and their two-year-old son, Leo, are rarely photo’d, so this is kind of a big deal.

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Penelope is photo’d here out with friends in Madrid, Spain. That Rolling Stones tee looks a-ma-zing on her. And, no “mom jeans” for her — she’s just all belly. So gorgeous.

Penelope and the family have been in Madrid for the birth of her sister Monica Cruz’s first child. In all likelihood, they’ll stay there, since Penelope’s apparently very soon!

Here’s another pic for the road…


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xo Haley-O

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