Pregnant Olivia Wilde shares fun photo

Olivia Wilde shares a cute Instagram photo of herself and reveals the baby's "almost cooked" with nine weeks to go.

By Haley Overland

Photo: Olivia Wilde via Instagram Photo: Olivia Wilde via Instagram

Pregnant Olivia Wilde, 29, shared a cute photo—of her far-along preggers self—on Instagram the other day. Love the dress and the backpack. She's adorable!

Funny as ever, the Her actress captioned her selfie with this note: “Sure I’ve looked like this after Mexican food but this time it’s a BABY. #almostcooked #nineweekstogo #holyfu&$." Ha!

Looks like Olivia and her fiancé, Saturday Night Live alum star Jason Sudeikis, 38, are expecting their baby in nine weeks. So, end of April or early May?

Aaand, looks like it's going to be a boy. Olivia shared this little tidbit at the Golden Globe Awards last month. "He was kicking the whole time, going, ‘Where are we?!'" she told People Magazine of her experience sitting through the awards ceremony.

Did your baby kick a ton? My second one (the boy) did. First one hiccuped a lot, though!

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This article was originally published on Feb 27, 2014