Pregnancy agrees with Selma Blair

By HaleyO
Pregnancy agrees with Selma Blair

She is just rocking the boho chic!

Selma Blair has never been photoed more than she has since she announced her pregnancy.  The 38-year-old actress was photoed here, in Studio City, LA, heading to the spa -- maybe to get gorj for the impending BIRTH! Yes, Gorgeouses, she's just weeks away from her due date.

And doesn't she look GORJ!

Clearly she hasn't put on a crazy amount of weight. She seems to be all belly and gorgeousness.

Of course, her trick has been eating healthy and staying fit throughout her pregnancy.  "For a while I was craving things that were really sweet," Selma admitted, "but I don't eat sugar so it's difficult."

LOVE that -- the idea of just not eating sugar. Like, even if you crave it. Like, it's not even an option. Not even on the menu. Nope. Stealing that....

Selma did give in to some cravings:  "I crave a lot of fruit and I eat far too much dairy, which I didn’t eat before I was pregnant and won’t eat after I give birth, but I’m enjoying it now."

It's always fruit with these celebs. I only WISH I'd craved, like, APPLES, when I was pregnant. But, noooooooo.

So, Selma's back in the spotlight, mostly because of the pregnancy gorjness. But you can also expect to see her in some films later this year: Dark Horse (with Christopher Walken HOLLAHH!), Republicas and Different Kind of Love (with Richard Dreyfuss).

xo Haley-O

Photo: Fame Pictures | Source

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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