Pink's new video features the best daddy dance partner

We're loving Pink's costar in her new music video for Beautiful Trauma and we're not going to lie: it gets a bit naughty.

One of our favourite celebrity moms made a music video with one of our favourite celebrity dads, and there’s dancing!

Pink teamed up with Channing Tatum in a new music video for the title song of her new album, Beautiful Trauma, that depicts how enduring (and occasionally unpredictable) romantic love can be.

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We love this pair as Fred and Ginger Hart, a couple living in a classically kitschy 1950s house vibrating with super saturated colours—the bedroom is bright pink, the kitchen is yellow and the living room is all blue.

Everything seems perfect at first, but as the video goes on, things go awry—a juxtaposition that matches the oppositional lyrics of the song. However, the bouncy chorus always picks back up in time for the couple to dance their cares away because hey, at least they have love. The Harts are able to shuffle their way through a burnt breakfast, some cross-dressing and a bit of light S&M leather play, but it makes us wonder: How different would this story be if they had kids?

Check out the full video below (Heads up, the lyrics are explicit so maybe watch this one without the little ones around).

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