People's Choice Awards: Which celebrity parents wore it best?

Haley breaks down the fashion hits and misses of last night's big awards show

By Haley Overland

Photo: AP Photo/Matt Sayles Photo: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Well, to be honest, there really weren't any major misses — probably because, typical of the People's Choice Awards, celebs played it safe. There was no haute couture; everything was ready-to-wear! Hmm..., which makes me think we're in for some show-stoppers at this Sunday's Golden Globes with Ricky Gervais (yay!).

There also weren't very many parents there! Instead there were a lot of Demi Lovato, Lea Michele, Emma Stone, Miley Cyrus, etc., etc., types. My friend @pgoodness put it best on Twitter: "Can anyone tell me the median age of the voters of the People's Choice Awards? I feel like I'm watching Nick or MTV or something." But the few that were there definitely represented. Can you say..., Ewan McGregor!? Love!

Let's get right to it and start with Alyson Hannigan's dress, shall we? As a whole, it seems the Little Black Dress was a no-show at this year's People's Choice Awards! This year, it's all about the Little RED dress (even younger stars like Kristen Bell wore the Little Red Dress!)....

People's Choice Awards: Which celebrity parents wore it best?

Alyson (37, mom to 2.5-year-old Satyana) proudly showed off her freshly-announced baby bump in this beautiful beaded Little Red Dress, cut just above the knees. She also went sleeveless, showing off her freckly arms, which I saw in person during our interview last summer — very freckly! Also love the metallic shoes with her fair skin. Fair skin, FTW! *Cough.*

Also working the Little Red Dress was singer Faith Hill (44, mom to Gracie, 14, Maggie, 13 and Audrey, 10)....

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Though the bow around her neck and the cut of the dress around the shoulders gives the dress an air of elegance, it didn't look like it was tucked in properly, or something. That, coupled with the disheveled hair, made this look a bit of a miss for me. She looks amazing at 44 years old, and a cleaner silhouette would have made her shine. Alas, this wasn't my favourite look of the night, by far. What do you think, Gorgeouses?

Next up, Sharon Osbourne (59, mom to Aimee, 28, Kelly, 27, and Jack, 26)....

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Though Sharon playfully snarked that her show The Talk and its hosts were snubbed by the awards (probably because they're all over the age of 25!), she looked surprisingly divine, and slimmer than ever, in this sparkly, floor-length metallic dress. Here's to some old-fashioned glamour!

One actor who definitely wasn't snubbed at the awards was Neil Patrick Harris (38, dad to 1.5-year-old twins, Gideon and Harper), who opened the show in a blue sparkly shirt, which host Kaley Cuoco revealed when she ripped off his "tear-away tuxedo"....

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Personally, I really dug the sparkly blue Broadway shirt on him. But he DID look dapper next to fiancé David Burtka in this sleek suit and striped tie!

And there must something about skinny, tapered pants this season! If you thought Neil wore them well (he definitely did), check out Ewan McGregor (40, dad to Clara Mathilde, 15, Esther Rose, 10, Jamiyan, 10, and a 1-year-old baby girl whose name hasn't been publicized)....

People's Choice Awards: Which celebrity parents wore it best?

Who knew Ewan could accessorize so well? How about that scarf! The scarf and the skinny black pants, and the artsy worn-out boots put Ewan in the you-either-love-it-or-hate-it category. But he was the only one who really took a risk with a solid look. Hence, LOVE!

I think this warrants a close-up, don't you, Gorgeouses?

People's Choice Awards: Which celebrity parents wore it best?

Oh, yeahhh. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

So what were your favourite looks of the night? I'm still looking for a photo I can use of Maya Rudolph. She wore a black baby doll dress that had everyone on Twitter asking if she was pregnant again. But the answer to that is likely "no," since she just gave birth to her third child last July.

OK! See you at the Globes on Sunday! Be sure to tweet me @cheaty with your favourite (or least favourite) looks! I'll remind you again tomorrow....

Love! xo Haley-O

Photo credits: Alexis Denisof & Alison Hanigan, Ewan McGregor — FameFlynet. All other photos — AP Photo/Matt Sayles

This article was originally published on Jan 12, 2012

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