Parents are sharing their messy houses on Twitter and it's *so* comforting

Shed that guilt, parents! Other people's homes also look like they just barfed out a toy store.

Parents are sharing their messy houses on Twitter and it's *so* comforting

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Despite all the wonders of being a parent, it's never been said that it's the most glamorous of jobs. One minute you've managed to tidy your living room and stash all the clutter into bins—and literally 10 seconds later your floors have been retiled with Lego and your Christmas tree is hanging on for dear life (months after the chaotic holiday season, might we add). It often feels like it's impossible to catch up on your cleaning, especially when you'd rather sit down for half a second than shove your kid's stuffies back into storage for the millionth time.

But don't worry, you're not alone, and a recent Twitter thread is here to prove it. When a mom asked parents to share "what does the room you're in look like RIGHT NOW," the messy realness flooded in. So if you're sitting on your couch exhausted looking out at a sea of madness, know that it's not just you. Read on for some of the very relatable highlights.

The magical train tracks.

There's truly nothing like lounging on the floor with literally all of your bedding.


Yet another instance of random household items outshining toys.

The horror of watching the Lego disappear into the shag carpet.

When your tree has some Valentine's Day hues, why not keep it up till February?


The MOST relatable bathroom pic.

Hey, at least the dog is having a good time!


The ultimate Instagram versus reality.

When all else fails, kick up your feet and soak in the chaos.

And finally, a reminder that we're all just doing our best. Keep doing you, mama!

This article was originally published on Feb 28, 2022

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