Official photos of Kristin Davis and her new baby Gemma Rose

The generous Gorgeouses at Hello! Canada Magazine give us a sneak peek of their exclusive photo shoot with Kristin Davis and her new baby girl

By Haley Overland
Official photos of Kristin Davis and her new baby Gemma Rose

Image courtesy of Hello! Canada Magazine

The current issue of Hello! Canada Magazine (on stands today) is full of baby photos! Among them, an exclusive photo shoot with Kristin Davis (46) and her brand new baby girl, Gemma Rose. This photo is one of several beautiful shots showcasing a smitten Kristen and a happy, elephant-onesie-clad Gemma.

Hello! had a chance to interview the Sex and the City star about the adoption, and here are some snippets!

On adopting Gemma (domestically):
"Adoption is a huge leap of faith for everyone involved.... It has been a profound experience for me."

On being a single mom:
"It had taken me a while to feel that I could take on parenthood by myself. It is a huge change in my life, but one I am so ready for."

"Some people feel desperation about finding a man... Personally, I don't."

On getting help:
"I am so lucky to have a career that allows me to have the most wonderful baby nurse.... I don't know what I'd do without the expertise she brings."

On baby Gemma:
"She is a very easy baby, she is easily soothed and is sleeping really well.... She lets me know when she is uncomfortable and knows how to speak her mind already, in her own baby language, of course."

On the name:
"I have always loved Gemma and Rose. My daughter is so beautiful that she's a gem and a rose."

On Angelina Jolie:
"I've met Angelina.... I don't know her well, but what she has done is fantastic. I admire anyone who adopts children."

For more of this open interview, check the new issue of Hello! Canada Magazine. It's a fab issue (my mother, an avid Hello! Canada reader, is very excited): there's an awesome feature on George Clooney and Stacy Keibler, whom I find fascinating; Julia Roberts opens up about her family; and the handsome Johnny Depp opens up about life with Vanessa Paradis and the kids. There are also photos of Natalie Portman and her baby, Evangeline Lily and her baby, and loads more, so CHECKIT!

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Oct 28, 2011

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