Niki Taylor's expecting her fourth child!

By HaleyO
Photo: AP Photo/Matt Sayles Photo: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

We got to know supermodel Niki Taylor (36) a little better on this season of Celebrity Apprentice. She has the poise and elegance you'd expect of a seasoned supermodel and, you know, GORJ! She also loves The Twitter!

She made a big announcement just today on Twitter. She posted the following picture along with the tweet, "Guess what's n this photo" (click to enlarge):

She then immediately posted the following photo of her and her hubby, race car driver Burney Lamar (30) kissing while holding their daughter Ciel (2), with the tweet, “Wooohooo!! YES!! We r expecting our 4th child!! So happy & blessed!!”:

So sweet!

Taylor and Lamar tied the knot back in December 2006. Taylor also has two twin boys from a previous marriage -- Hunter and Jack (16).

Congrats to the family!



xo Haley-O


This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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