Nicole Richie takes (adorable) Harlow to ballet class

Harlow Madden is adorable. That is all

By Haley Overland
Nicole Richie takes (adorable) Harlow to ballet class

Fame Pictures

Check out a leggy Nicole Richie taking her adorable daughter, Harlow Madden (3.5) to ballet class.

Nicole's been photo'd constantly leaving or going to the gym lately. So it's no wonder she's got legs like that -- and that she's showing them off in black tights and short-shorts.

I will never be able to pull off that look....

The expression on Harlow's face, I have to say, is priceless. Reminds me of Nicole in The Simple Life -- cute and snarky!

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Nov 10, 2011

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