Nicole Kidman: on Haiti, Keith & Sunday Rose

By HaleyO
Nicole Kidman: on Haiti, Keith & Sunday Rose

Apparently there are actors other than Angelina Jolie going around as goodwill ambassadors. Who knew!

Nicole Kidman has been a goodwill ambassador with United Nations Development Fund for Women for two years, and has been focused on Haiti since January's earthquake. The only drawback is that, at least at this point, she has to travel alone. With her two-year-old daughter Sunday Rose and devoted husband Keith Urban at home, that's not easy, as Nicole told USA Today,
I’ve spent two nights away from her in two years. I’m just so into her. I’m crazy about her. She’s a good little traveler. She flies everywhere and she brings her little toys. It’s not a big deal, traveling with them — but not to Haiti. Safetywise, I couldn’t bring her [here], but otherwise, she goes everywhere with me. We were walking through the tent cities today, and it’s just rubble and tents.
Despite the personal drawbacks, Kidman's ambassador role is extremely rewarding....
I’m just constantly trying to give a voice to the women around the world, women everywhere, who are in need of help.... If there’s anything to be had from having worked for 23 to 25 years of my life, I’m so glad to now be able to do this. I don’t mind being used like that.
Being a goodwill ambassador provides great lessons for her daughter -- lessons Nicole's own parents taught her....
It’s not what I get out of it. I feel like I can never put enough into it. The greatest thing my parents did was give me a social conscience.... For someone like Sunday, for her to be able to be molded, I suppose, to have a very strong social conscience — I would be so proud. I would hope for that. Keith and I are both very committed to that.
And Keith is definitely in on all the goodness....
Keith has done benefit concerts for us. He’s been so supportive.... I’m always like, "Hey, I think I might be able to get hold of a musician." He’s so lovely.
The Oscar-award-winning actress isn't working much at this point in her illustrious career. She's enjoying her life in Nashville with her family....
I haven’t done a movie for a while. I spent a couple of weeks on the Adam Sandler movie [Just Go With It], but that was a tiny role....
Currently, Nicole's beginning a new film -- Trespass with Nicolas Cage -- where she plays the role of a mother protecting her daughter....
That [role] speaks to me.... It’s a passion project about a grieving couple, and how you get through trauma and loss together and how it affects a marriage.... I finish filming in September and then hang out with Keith and Sunday.
Sounds like the life for Nicole Kidman -- balancing work, family and giving back. Sweet!

xo Haley-O


This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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