Nia Long's pregnancy: Surprise!

Photo: Broadimage / Rex Features

Photo: Broadimage / Rex Features

Wow, Gorgeouses…. 40 years old. Nia Long is 40 years old and pregnant and LOOK AT HER. Say it with me: GORJ! Hee.

So at last night’s BET awards, Nia told reporters that her pregnancy was a surprise. Apparently, she was on her way to an exotic spot to film a movie and, when she went to get her yellow fever vaccination, the doctors were all, na-ah-ah! You’re PREGGERS!

“I almost fainted,” she said. “It was the best moment and the sweetest surprise ever.”

Nia’s now 5 months along in her pregnancy, and she’s craving the salty! “I’m usually more of a chocolate girl,” she told Us Magazine, “but I haven’t been craving sweets.”

She also told the mag she’s finally out of the woods after some major morning sickness! “I was so horribly sick for four and a half months,” she said. “Now I have energy, besides a little heartburn here and there, and I’m doing excellent. The baby is huge!”

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