New Sandy Hook PSA reports tomorrow's chilling news

A new PSA from the Sandy Hook Promise, in the form of a newscast the day before a school shooting, highlights the red flags for gun violence.

New Sandy Hook PSA reports tomorrow's chilling news

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"I'm here at the scene of tomorrow's shooting," starts the stricken-faced television news reporter, standing in front of a school building.

That's how the unsettling new PSA from Sandy Hook Promise opens, and as the minute-and-a-half spot continues, the faux news broadcast features interviews with students and teachers all giving their perspectives on a shooting by a 15-year-old that will happen at their school the next day.

The PSA is timed to the five-year anniversary of the horrific school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, which took place on Dec. 14, 2012. Sandy Hook Promise is a gun violence prevention group, co-founded by two parents who lost their children in the shooting. They want to raise awareness about the risk factors and red flags indicating that someone might commit gun violence, so that people can take action and potentially prevent yet another tragedy.

“Tomorrow, I’ll probably point out that something has seemed off with him since the beginning of the school year,” one teacher says. Two boys reflect upon how they'll probably regret teasing the boy later, after the shooting, but how for now they will continue to bully him.

“How will you explain the shooting to your daughter?” the reporter asks a woman holding a little girl.

In the devastating conclusion to the PSA, the woman looks at her daughter and says, “Actually, I won’t get to explain it to her because she won’t make it.”

This is not the first thought-provoking video released by the organization. Last year, they created the video "Evan," which follows a boy as he looks for a mystery girl at his school. When they finally meet in the school gym, we see a classmate, armed with an assault rifle, and the students flee. The video then goes back and retraces Evan's steps—this time showing all the warning signs from the shooter going on in the background.


In addition to this video, singer Sheryl Crow released an original song on Monday called “The Dreaming Kind,” in memory of the shooting. All proceeds from the song will go to Sandy Hook Promise.

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