Mr. Potato Head is dropping the "Mr." and we're 100% here for it

The Potato Head family is sprouting to include spuds of all kinds. Nicely done, Hasbro!

Mr. Potato Head is dropping the "Mr." and we're 100% here for it

Photo: Hasbro

We all know by now that representation matters, especially for impressionable children. That's why Mr. Potato Head and his loving Mrs. are bringing some new gender neutral potatoes into the fold so that all families can see themselves in the classic toy.

Hasbro just announced that the Mr. Potato Head toys will be rebranded as simply Potato Head with the release of a new playset in the fall that includes two large potato bodies, one small potato body and 42 accessories. This way, kids can create their own kind of families, whether it's two moms, two dads or anything in between. And can we just say, the new little spudling Potato Head is the most adorable tater-tot we've ever seen—just look at that binky and the little sprout on its head!

The Potato Head toys have always been about customization, so we're actually kind of surprised this hasn't happened sooner—it is just a vegetable after all (in fact, when the toy was first introduced in 1952, it only came with the accessories and kids had to provide their own actual potatoes). It's always been up to a child's imagination to create their own spud. If they wanted to give Mr. Potato Head the dress from the Mrs. set, or give Mrs. Potato Head a moustache, they always could. The change here is that the brand now reflects those possibilities in its name.

Some people ("spec-tators," if you will) may be mad about this, but since when does anyone care about the gender of potatoes? If you hear someone railing against Hasbro for this rebranding, we have a mantra you can use to remind yourself to pay them no mind: Haters gonna hate; potatoes gonna potate.

Good job, Hasbro. From a business perspective, it takes courage to make changes to such a long-established brand, and we're here to say it's the right move.

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